Your voice can end stigma and improve the lives of Latinx people living with HIV

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Affirming HIV care is not always accessible

...especially when English isn’t your first languageand you feel isolated. Southern Latinx communities face the added burden of HIV criminalization laws, xenophobia, anti-LGBTQ policies, and systemic failures that create barriers to care. Too many medical practices rely on a single bilingual employee to hold the whole system together while overlooking the necessary investments into community wellbeing. We can do better.

Our Mission:

Our vision is to ensure health justice by disrupting systems that continue to impact Black, Latinx, Immigrants, LGBQT, and PLWH (historically harmed communities) through innovation and community empowering resources.

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Areas of Focus

Community Building

Through our commitment to emerging and established Latinx populations in the South, we work to enhance the ability of communities to address social determinants of health and health equity-creating healthier communities. LITS uses a multi-faceted approach of community organizing, leadership development and capacity building assistance that expands on the commitment and leadership of local partners, amplifies voices and dialogue across race, ethnicity, gender, and sector, and connects efforts across states for holistic and sustainable change.

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Policy & Advocacy

HIV/AIDS advocacy spaces often leave out of Latinx communities, particularly those most impacted by health care disparities undocumented immigrants and refugees, LGBTQ communities, and those whose preferred or primary language is not English. Our policy and advocacy are working to change that. We envision a South where communities can show up fully, authentically, and can be wholly engaged in the decisions and conditions impacting their lives.

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We can prevent HIV transmission and improve access to quality health care.

When Latinx people living with and impacted by HIV have access to a health network that affirms their identities, speaks their language, and mirrors their experiences, quality of life improves.

In the absence of affirming care and a vetted and committed health network, the pursuit of quality care can further jeopardize one’s livelihood due to HIV criminalization laws, xenophobic policies, and increasing restrictions and penalties for LGBTQ-related healthcare for those living in the South.

We believe that to truly improve the quality of life and wellbeing of our communities requires long-term investment into individuals and their skills, knowledge, and value of their lived experiences while addressing the community conditions preventing them from accessing the care and support needed to thrive.

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