Community Mobilization, Leadership Development, & Advocacy

Dennis deLeon Sustainable Leadership Institutes

Named after Dennis de Leon, former president of the Commission and a tireless advocate on behalf of Latinos, people of color, LGBT, and other marginalized populations, The Dennis de Leon Sustainable Leadership Institute is a space for emerging community leaders to enhance and develop leadership skills in order to impact HIV/AIDS local, state and federal health policy affecting Latinos in the Deep South. 

The institute is a platform to promote participatory and honest dialogue about how to address the pressing social and structural issues affecting Latinos in the Deep South.




In 2020, we were proud to collaborate with tilde Language Justice Cooperative:

tilde is a worker-owned cooperative whose mission is to create a sustainable livelihood for language workers and advance language justice by providing high-quality interpreting, translation, and capacity building in the North Carolina Triangle region and beyond. In our 3 year history, we have worked with over 175 clients across the US South, and the world to build linguistically-democratic events and accessible translations. Through workshops and direct consulting, we have also trained hundreds of new interpreters and helped groups large and small begin to tackle how to put language justice principles into practice. For more information visit:

Fuerza y Orgullo

Thanks to the ACTION grant from the University of Houston we're excited to announce the launch of Fuerza y Orgullo; our Latinx LGBTQ Southern Media and Advocacy cohort!

Our cohort will equip community members interested in joining the advocacy arena with skills and resources to shape and share their own personal stories, influence and combat harmful media narratives, and become engaged in local and statewide advocacy efforts to improve the lives and wellbeing of LGBTQ Latinx communities. The deadline to apply is July 1, 2022.