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My Best Ally is...

#ZeroHomophobia #CeroHomofobia

The campaign is an initiative to create awareness about the negative effects of homophobia in society, particularly in the Hispanic community. It aims to create discussion and action at different levels, such as schools, houses of worships, workplaces, health care settings, and most importantly, family.

This year’s theme is “My Best Ally Is …” which will allow LGBTQIA+ community members to identify who their best ally is –that special person who empowers them to be the best versions of themselves.

The Latino Commission on AIDS in the South partnered to create some resources and mobilization tools to elevate the importance of #intersetionALLYship!

We invite our partners to check out our Zero Homophobia Self-Assessment that will help identify some areas of interest to guide engagement: http://bit.ly/ZeroHomophobiaAssessment

Our assessment is accompanied by a Zero Homophobia Community Syllabus, we invite members to share and contribute resources, content, trainings, and more:


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