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“Together for Love: Stop HIV stigma”

February 7th to some may be just another day another dollar. However today is more than just a day of coffee, office chairs, office chatter and planning your weekend activities, it is a day in which Black bodies recognize as a day of observance. 

In 1999 a group of various community members came together to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS prevention, care and treatment in communities of color. 

Ryan White has a wonderful article in which he gives detailed information on how far the rate of viral suppression has lowered in the last 5 years: https://targethiv.org/blog/NBHAAD.

However, there is still more work and research to be done. Therefore, it is not just the responsibility of one small group of people but it is the responsibility of us as an entire community to initiate the improvement of health services for African Americans and other minority populations and to STOP the stigma surrounding those living with HIV and AIDS.

I as an Afro LatinX Drag performer within NC strive to use my platform for the education and efforts to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS prevention, care, and treatment. Therefore I am excited for and stand by this years NBHAAD theme: “Together for Love: Stop HIV stigma”

-Carlos C. Fernandez Jr. (Assistant Program Coordinator Latino Commission on AIDS)

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