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NC HIV Advocacy Day

On June 1, 2022 we joined HIV advocates from across North Carolina for NC HIV Advocacy Day at the NC Legislature (also known as HIV Speaks on Jones Street). We participated in high-level meetings with the Department of Public Instruction and Governor’s Office and took advocates to visit their legislators. (Pictured Below: Senator Valerie Foushee, Senator Mike Woodward, Rep. Vernetta Alston)

This year, issues we advocated for were:

  1. Supporting the HIV Medication Assistance Program

  2. Closing the Medicaid coverage gap by expanding Medicaid

  3. Supporting Syringe Exchange Programs

  4. Increasing access to PrEP and PEP

We also talked about Medicaid Expansion and what that would mean for the Latinx community; which was especially relevant since later that same day a form of Medicaid Expansion passed in the NC Senate. While medicaid expansion slowly moves forward, we will be sure to continue to advocate for and include the voices of our community who are impacted most.

For additional information on medicaid expansion, the HIV medication assistance program, and syringe exchange programs you can download the resources from HIV Speaks on Jones Street linked below. A special thanks to our friends from NC AIDS Action Network for helping provide these resources.

HIV Speaks 2022 One Pager
Download PDF • 300KB
TALKING POINTS_ HIV Speaks on Jones Street 2022
Download PDF • 162KB
Medicaid Expansion in NC
Download PDF • 107KB

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