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Hurricane Ida Relief

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

We've compiled a list of organizations, mutual aid, and rapid response resources for our network to support and seek aid efforts. Our hearts are with all those affected.

We'll continue to share additional resources especially those supporting LGBTQ Latinx, Indigenous, Black and immigrant communities affected by Hurricane Ida on our social media platforms and website.

Solidarity and aid:

Trans Queer Youth NOLA, accepting mutual aid donations and distribution:

Venmo: @transqueeryouthnola

To request aid, send DM or comment: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTMBVWdL3RY/

BreakOut! Youth, providing emergency housing to their membership and supplies

To donate: https://youthbreakout.kindful.com/

Cashapp: $collettecarter

Familia del Sur, grassroots LGBTQ Latinx group in New Orleans

Cashapp: $fggilbert

Familias Unidas en Accion in Louisiana

To donate: https://www.paypal.com/donate?token=mnrLU3C_NhZjSmffXsjk5JyFhw2UwlZJr4itj1sgSypIZ_xVONhJEtA0RKYAFXjEzLPBUhjctXV0MRgR

Immigrant Alliance for Justice and Equity of Mississippi

To donate:

Venmo: @IAJEofMS

Paypal: @IAJEofMS

CashApp: $IAJEofMS2021

Hotline Assistance | Linea Comunitaria: 1-888-970-4253

To request aid | Para solicitar asistencia: info@iajems.org

House of Tulip- rapid response funds for TGNC community:

To donate:

Cashapp: $HouseofTulip

Venmo: @HouseofTulip

Paypal: paypal.me/HouseofTulip

To request aid: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpy0T101btnt_qNcle-dK9tAbRRFvlrOWQeBUcGEkaJoAVmg/viewform

Another Gulf is Possible | Otro Golfo es Posible

To donate: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/anothergulfispossible

Resources in English including for Native Peoples: https://anothergulf.com/ida/

Recursos en Español incluyendo para personas indigenas : https://anothergulf.com/idaespanol/

Imagine Water Works

To donate: https://donorbox.org/ida

Community Power Map: https://www.imaginewaterworks.org/community-power-map-hurricane-ida-relief/

If you would like to partner on a grant to support this work, email klie@imaginewaterworks.org

Gulf South- Housing support

To donate: bit.ly/GS4GNDCCF

Gulf folks seeking housing in Atlanta: shorturl.at/npM05

Atlanta solidarity housing: shorturl.at/hvHZ3

Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy Rapid Response

To donate: bit.ly/StormReliefFund

Hurricane Ida Disaster Relief Supplies

East TN Harm Reduction, two drop-off locations, and donations will be transported to Louisiana on September 3

Mutual Aid Space Knoxville: 2917 N. Central St (behind the building between 9am-11am and 5pm-7pm)

Two Bikes: 118 S Central St (10am-6pm)

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief (https://mutualaiddisasterrelief.org/ )

Drop off locations:

North Carolina

Drop-offs in Asheville, contact Pixie: pixieret@gmail.com

Drop-offs in Hillsborough, contact Jamie at jamiepaulen@gmail.com


Drop-offs in Tyler, contact Ally: allisonezarate@gmail.com

Drop-offs in Houston, contact Bayou Action Street Health: 713-208-6178


Contact Jany: 813-389-5284

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